The Jacks Candles are made by mastered craftsmans.
There can be small differences with the products
due to characteristic of hand made goods.

Is it easy to get rid of wax dripping on the ceramic holder?

The wax dripping turns hard when it touches the ceramic surface. You will be able to remove them easily with towel.

What kind of wax do you use?

We use 70% of soy wax, 30% paraffin wax, and 4% of fragrance oil

Is there any fragrance in The Jacks candle?

The Jacks Candles do have own scent.
The Jacks make their own signature scent which is harmonious scent of refreshing citrus flavor and sweet coconut flavor.

Can I use candles as an air fresher or decoration?

Sure, The Jacks candles contain plenty of fragrance oil which can be used as an air freshener without lighting them. Scent of The Jacks candle will fully fill your space for more than 180 days.

What if candles and holders damaged during long distance shipping?

We have done several impact tests on our packaging already and it has not shown any problems yet.

Is there anything to be careful with burning The jacks Candle?

There can be variability on burning time depending on the flare size.
To enjoy The Jacks Candles long enough, recommended wick length is 4-5mm.
Please leave the candle in a secured place when candle is being burned.